Dedicated to preserving telephone history
The JKL Museum is a collection dedicated to the preservation of all aspects of telephony.

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JKL Museum of Telephony

The JKL name is the creation of the owner, John K La Rue, whose initials just happen to appear above the number 5 on most telephone dials.
The rebuilt collection will include telephones and related equipment from all over the world, from as early as the 1870’s to present day. Among our many goals is to have working telephones and demonstrations from all eras, and to interconnect working telephones by way of the collections extensive “central office” switching system.The new collection will include a library of telephony publications, including catalogs, brochures, and telephone company publications. The new collection is growing by acquiring private collections, donations of library materials, and purchases from private and public sources.

We hope you enjoy a quick visit to our museum website by viewing the many photographs we have assembled of the old collection in a variety of categories. You may see items that we own in duplicate and we’re always willing to discuss trades for items we don’t own. If you have questions or would like to talk with any of us, please send us an email.